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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring is here! Le printemps est arrivé !

Before I begin, just one thing. When you're writing in French, there's a space between the last word and the exclamation point. Just sayin'.

Today is one of those glorious spring days that I've come to expect—even though we've only had a few of them. The kids and I are soaking up our daily doses of vitamin D, hitting the area playgrounds and making new friends. It's not even 10am, and it's already 16 degrees. Love it.

Spring means planning the garden (sprouts are doing well!), cleaning out the mud room, putting away the winter gear and digging out the rain boots and sandals. This summer promises to be a great one, with my youngest just learning to toddle around. The whole backyard is ours.

But la neige is not gone. Only in Quebec can you be wearing shorts and walk past a snow drift as high as your three-year-old's head, right?

Do you live in a climate where spring or summer seems to come suddenly, right on the heals of winter? Share your stories!

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  1. It's in the mid-80's here (Fahrenheit, that is)! I am sort of dreading what the summer will bring because I can't handle another 112 degree season like last year! - Janice