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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bonjour, Siri

My husband and I recently got iPhones. 4S, which I insisted on because I really, really, really wanted to talk to Siri. What does that say about my typical daily conversation?

Me: Noah, do you have to go potty?
Noah: No, the gate is closed.
Me: It's been a long time, sweety. Let's try.
Noah: No!!!!!! The gate is CLOSED!!!!!
Me: OK.
Two minutes later, he's dashing upstairs, ripping his pants off.
Noah: The gate is open! The gate is open!
Me: No!!!!!! Close the gate! Close the gate!
Noah, sits on the toilet and pees.
Me: Do you have to poo?
Noah: No, the poo doesn't want to come out. He's talking to his friend, pee. They're playing trains...
Me: Noah, that's enough.

So, can you blame me when I boot up the iPhone and say to Siri, "I could really use a latte,"?
She responds, "I bet you could." Hysterical laughter on my part, kids are fascinated by the voice coming out of the phone. Everyone's happy, right?

We ask her what her favourite colour is. She responds, "This is about you, not me." God, I love Siri.

When my husband and I were researching the iPhone 4S, we found that you can talk to Siri in any language. She will come to understand you better with time. We also read that she prefers native speakers. We had a good laugh about that. I opted to speak to her in English; so did my husband, despite the fact that his voice is very deep and accented.

We sat across from each other in the living room and "face timed" before we realised how ridiculous the whole situation was and put the phones away (ok, yes, they also needed to be charged...). But as soon as she's up and ready to go, I'll be practising my French with Siri. At least I know she'll give me honest feedback.


  1. so you decided you couldn't wait and BOTH got iphone 4S's? :) hilarious about the facetime. when ryan and i got our iphones, we went out to dinner and were glued to our phones. i was convinced that everyone was judging us that we have a loveless marriage and are on our phones all the time, hehe.

    so download the apps Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, and Scramble with Friends and then we can play!

  2. Saïd had an amazing deal from work that was to expire in a week, and we couldn't pass it up, so yes—we both have them. I'm reading Catching Fire on mine now! I did Facetime you yesterday, but it didn't work. I just wanted you to accept and be staring into Leila's pouty face. ;) LOL

  3. hahaha. oh man, i wish i had answered! yeah, it only works if both parties accept and are connected to the internet.